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ISO 17100

ISO 17100 standard is the first industry standard for translation services, but is used only for written translations. ISO 17100 specify the requirements for translation service providers to provide high quality services.


ISO 17100 standard addresses the requirements for translation service providers in the following areas:

  • human resources,
  • technical resources,
  • quality management system,
  • management of the orders realization,
  • relationships with customers,
  • procedures for the provision of translation services,
  • monitoring and control of the translation process.

ISO 17100 certification

When all requirements of the ISO 17100 standard are met, and it can be so proven by internal audits, the organization may proceed to an external audit. This external audit should be carried out by a third party – certification body.


Certification will be carried out in 2 Stages. Stage 1 covers document review and Stage 2 checks the functioning of management system within the company.


During the ISO 17100 certification the auditor will focus on reviewing the quality policy, procedures, and will analyse how the company understands  quality and if it has established management goals and objectives that are measureable and achievable.


The Auditor will also check if the work methods that are employed are in accordance with procedures and the established goals and appropriate records are kept.


After positively completing the certification  the Auditor shall recommend that a certificate for ISO 17100 is issued and  registered.


The next steps are surveillance audits which are aimed to assure that the management system continuous to be effective, is being improved and still in compliance with ISO 17100 standard.

What is the cost of ISO 17100 certification?

ISOQAR has an individual pricing approach for each Client. We take into consideration many factors before we make a proposal.


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