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Issue of the certificate

After completion of a positive management system certification process you will be entitled to a certificate. Before issuing a certificate, we will check with you the details that will be included on the certificate. 


You will receive a certificate from us in two languages: Polish and English. You can also order other language versions of the certificate. 


If your business activity is conducted in several locations and all locations are covered by the certification of each location and we will issue an individual certificate for each location. 


You can also order a decorative certificate mounted on wood. 


To maintain the validity of the certificate and the possibility of its continuous use, our auditor will review audits (surveillance audits) within 12 and 24 months from the date of the certificate. Around the 33rd month from the date of the certificate a recertification audit will be carried out, which will renew the validity for the next 3 years. 


Along with the certificate you will receive a certification and registration mark and logos. You can use them both for information and publicity concerning the ISOQAR certification. Specific guidelines related to the use of our marks and logos can be found in the Terms of use ISOQAR logo, which will be sent together with the marks. 


Please carefully read this information. Our auditor will review and describe the use of all logos and marks awarded by ISOQAR during each audit. 


Please note that all certificates issued by us along with the attachments are owned by Alcumus ISOQAR Limited.

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