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Information required before certification

Before we send you our proposal we have to determine what is the scope of certification. For this purpose, please forward to us the necessary information concerning your organization.


You can do this in several ways:


  • Inquiry online - fill out the online form which will take you 5 - 10 minutes
  • Download the enquiry document - please complete the document and send it via email or fax
  • By means of a telephone conversation, during which we will complete the form whilst talking to you. Please contact us by phone on (0048) 22-649-76-64


Whichever way you choose, at this stage we wish to obtain from you information that will allow us to evaluate the appropriate duration of the audit, and consequently the cost. This is an important issue, both for you and for us, so it is worth while devoting your time and attention. We want to get to know your organization, products and services, and complexity. We know from experience that this information is necessary  to create a bespoke proposal.


Along with the proposal we will send you the Application for Certification form and The Rules for Certification and Registration. The proposal includes the costs of certification and registration and the subsequent maintenance costs of certification and registration for the three year duration.


If you accept our proposal you should complete the Application for Certification form. The signing of the Application form is tantamount to accepting the proposal and the Rules of Certification and Registration.


Upon receiving the Application form we will start planning the certification, which consists of two stages: Stage 1 – a review of the documentation and Stage 2 – the certification audit. 


In consultation with you we shall set the dates to carry out certification and registration, the audit team and all other organizational issues.

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