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Choosing an auditor and their role

In ISOQAR we have a deep sense of duty to ensure that the auditors, who have  been assigned to conduct the audit possess appropriate qualifications, knowledge and experience, in other words that they are competent.


The fact of passing an examination in the relevant standard is not sufficient to carry out audits for ISOQAR CEE. The auditor to be appointed to certify your management system must have adequate knowledge and experience of your industry.


The auditor’s role is primarily to verify in an objective and fair manner, if your system, regardless of whether it is a management system or a system of compliance, meets the requirements of the standard. We put the emphasis on checking the effectiveness of the system to verify that it supports the achievement of your business objectives.


The auditor will not examine every aspect of the system of your company, because it is not possible timewise nor is it necessary. "Sampling" of activities is undertaken in order to find objective evidence that the company actually does what it has declared and that it complies with the requirements of the standard.

process approach

During the certification of management systems, the auditor examines the various processes in your company. The auditor will draw attention to the areas where one process ends and another begins because from experience we know that these are the weakest link in systems management. Auditor shall also examine whether the process effectively leads to the desired result.


The auditor will interview with both managers, directors and supervisors and employees of the company.

Evidence of compliance

Evidence of compliance with the requirements of the standard are usually found in the records used in the production process or provision of services relating to all aspects of business. Such records may be reproduced in paper form or be presented electronically.



Based on this evidence and observations the auditor shall make a decision to recommendation that a  certificate should be issued.

closing meeting

The closing meeting is important element of the audit, at which the auditor submits a report and presents guidelines that may prove helpful in developing and improving operations.


Please note that our auditor is not permitted to provide consultancy. The auditor is not acting as a consultant and we would ask you to respect this.

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